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welcome to the website of the 2nd SG-GICC!

We kindly thank our guests, who joined the 2nd St.Gallen EORTC Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference (SG-GICC-2014), which took place in St.Gallen/Switzerland 6-8 March 2014. It was a pleasure to welcoming you here and hope to see you again in 2016.

conference summary „2nd St. Gallen EORTC Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference 2014“ (6.-8. March, 2014, Olma Conference Center St.Gallen/Switzerland)

From 6-8 March 2014, the second St. Gallen EORTC Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference (GICC) 2014 took place in St. Gallen, Eastern Switzerland. The conference was chaired by Prof. Manfred Lutz from Caritas Klinik St. Theresia in Saarbrücken/ Germany and Prof. Florian Otto, Tumour and Breast Centre ZeTuP, St. Gallen/Switzerland. After a very successful start-off with the first St. Gallen EORTC Gastro-intestinal Cancer Conference (GICC) in March 2012, this second GICC conference moved to a new, larger location, the Olma Messen Conference Centre in St.Gallen.


The GICC conference series, that is to take place every two years (in mid-March of “uneven” years), is intended to sequentially cover the different entities of gastrointestinal cancers. The focus of the conference is the up-to-date primary therapy of potentially curable GI cancers. While the 2012 meeting centred on the upper GI tract, mainly gastro-oesophageal cancer, the topic of the 2nd GICC was rectal cancer. A faculty of 44 internationally renowned experts in the field of rectal cancer gave an excellent overview of the different topics, from diagnostic techniques to surgical, medical and radiation therapies and from molecular biology to quality of life after treatment.


The final day of the conference was again dedicated to a consensus session, in which international experts, representing the different aspects and modalities of rectal cancer treatment, discussed a set of pre-specified questions about the presently most successful treatment approach at the international level in front of the auditorium. Integrating the comments from the floor, the experts – under the chairmanship of Prof. Manfred Lutz (Germany) and Prof. John Zalcberg (Australia) – aimed at finding a consensus on questions not unambiguously answered in current guidelines. The consensus on the primary therapy of potentially curable rectal cancer is to be published as soon as possible in the European Journal of Cancer. Most of the invited expert lectures have already been published recently as Vol. 203 of the Springer book series Recent Results in Cancer Research. The detailed programme of the conference can be visited at the official conference website of the organiser “St. Gallen Oncology Conferences (SONK)”: www.oncoconferences.ch.


The 3rd St. Gallen EORTC Gastrointestinal Cancer Conference will again take place in St. Gallen/Switzerland on 10-12 March 2016. For further information please refer to www.oncoconferences.ch .

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