about the foundation St.Gallen Oncology Conferences (SONK)

St.Gallen Oncology Conferences (SONK) is a private charitable and tax-exempted educational foundation according to Swiss law, registered and supervised by the Department of Interiors of the Swiss Canton (State) of St.Gallen in Eastern Switzerland.

St.Gallen Oncology Conferences (SONK) consists of two different programs:

The international conference part in English language, organizes since 1978 repeatedly international breast cancer conferences (Primary Therapy of Early Breast Cancer) including the highly respected, now biannually, international breast cancer treatment consensus recommendations since 1978/82 as well as repeated international conferences on “Clinical Cancer Prevention” since 1998 and also international symposia about other topics.

The coordination secretariat of the Deutschsprachig-Europäische Schule für Onkologie (deso), an educational program for oncologists and oncology nurses in German.

St.Gallen Oncology Conferences

St.Gallen Oncology Conferences (SONK) is organising international conferences. The events deal with

  • breast cancer
  • gastrointestal cancer
  • clinical cancer prevention and genetics
  • cancer care issues (nursing oncology, palliative, supportive care)

The congresses have built up a high impact in the international medical world over the past 20 years. Especially the consensus meeting about early breast cancer therapies influences treatments globally.

Presentations and abstracts of the meetings are published world wide in renowned medical journals.

The first breast cancer conference organised by St.Gallen Oncology Conferences was held 1978. SONK has been legally founded 1996 as a charitable foundation in order to provide a stable organisational framework for the events. The foundations‘ aim is to promote knowledge and exchange of experiences within the medical community in order to increase a high quality of treatment for cancer patients worldwide. Initiator of SONK is Prof. Hans-Jörg Senn MD, who has created and built up the organisation.

Contact SONK:
St.Gallen Oncology Conferences (SONK)
Rorschacherstr. 150, 9006 St.Gallen
phone 071 243 0032, fax 071 245 6805
email info@oncoconferences.ch